avps1Willamae's favorite Aunt. She gets a bit "preachy", but she means well. Aunt Viola Pearl Sparks is another character created by Patti Beth Anderson. She's known and loved by everyone at your church... That is to say Aunt Viola is seen at every church.

avpsrodneylayYou know the type: She's opinionated, pushy and demands to be heard! She often "opens" for Willamae at corporate functions and churches. Aunt VPS is a button pusher... the reflective button and the laugh button! We all laugh at her as she, by way of demonstration, pokes fun at the ridiculousness of the way some of us treat others by way of gossip, pride and being judgmental.

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  • Aunt Viola talks about visiting the doctor


  • Aunt Viola discusses marriage


  • Aunt Viola relates an embarrassing moment in church


  • Aunt Viola Pearl talks about husbands


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