Willamae_publicity_photo2willamaestarWillamae has been entertaining folks for years. Over 20 of them she was resident comedienne at the Kountry Kuzins Jamboree Show in the resort town of Grove, Oklahoma. She has also been honored over the years to share the stage with some folks we'll bet you recognise from TV's Hee Haw, the Andy Griffith Show and more! Click here to see photos of Willamae with these great entertainers and more including the one, the only, the original Mr. Jerry Clower!

Laugh along with Willamae and meet some of the famous folks who've shared the stage with Willamae. Hey, if these entertainment legends use Willamae for their fans & guests, why not you? Feel free to or call us at 918.786.3318 to discuss how to get a crowd-pleasing performance for your group... today!

Listen to Willamae in these snippets of her comedy routines* available on the CD: Out to Pastor. Available from CD Baby by clicking here.

  • Willamae on finding the right man


  • Willamae talks about the new preacher visiting his flock


  • Willamae's humorous sharp tongue skewers snobbish, uppity folk


  • Willamae tells her viewpoint on dying


  • Willamae's Granny Dudd invitin' the preacher over for Sunday Dinner


  • Willamae talks about prayin'


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